Alaskan King Crab in The Vancouver Sun

Thu, 03/15/2012
Fish 411

Our live Alaskan King Crab was featured in The Vancouver Sun this week.

"Our king crab at the Diva at the Met comes from one of our favorite seafood providers, FISH in Burnaby.  

We bring in our crab live a few times each week to ensure we are serving the freshest crab meat. At home you could also purchase fresh king crab legs daily at FISH ... The advantage of purchasing fresh legs for home is that all the hard work of blanching and cleaning the crab is done for you.

Once you have the crab legs at home, a simple preparation is all that you need. Toss the meat in little bit of olive oil, then grill and finish with chopped parsley and lemon juice. You can serve some olive oil or melted butter with lemon on the side for dipping. In fact, at Diva we prepare them in a similar way, cooking the whole crab, cleaning the meat, and then tossing the legs in olive oil before we grill them to order." - Excerpt from Vancouver Sun

Click here to read our F.I.S.H. feature.

And if you haven't been there before check out the Diva at the Metropolitan for a great atmosphere and even better seafood.