Pistachio halibut w/ thai curry sauce

Pistachio halibut w/ thai curry sauce
Cook / Prep Time: 25 min

This dish is quick and easy enough for a family midweek dinner, yet elegant and tasty enough to serve as part of a dinner party menu.-Jen


Fresh Halibut Filet (5 6oz)
½ cup Pistachios (slightly ground)
1-2 Tbsp Red Thai Curry paste
1 can Coconut milk
1-2 Tbsp Fish Sauce
Pinch of White Sugar
1 Egg (beaten)
2 Tbsp Veg Oil


  •  Make the Red Thai curry sauce. Gently heat the coconut milk in a small pot, and add the desired amount of chili paste. Mix well with a whisk until combined and simmer it for 5 10 mins. Add the pinch of sugar and the fish sauce.
  •  Season halibut with salt and pepper. Place ground pistachios on a small plate.
  •  Dredge one side of halibut in the beaten egg mixture then place the same side down into the ground pistachios. Press down gently to get a good coating on the fish, and let it sit there for 30 seconds.
  •  Preheat a good non stick pan over medium high heat, and add the veg oil.
  •  Pan sear the halibut (pistachio side down) for 2 mins to infuse flavor and set the crust.
  •  Then, flip the fish carefully and pan sear it on the second side (5 6 mins).
  •  Ladle the Red Thai curry sauce onto the plate and place the pistachio crusted halibut on top.

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