Smoked Salmon, Leek and Goat Cheese Pizza

Smoked Salmon, Leek and Goat Cheese Pizza
Cook / Prep Time: 45 min

Who doesn't like Pizza? give this healthy pizza a bake and enjoy the aroma of goat cheese and pesto together - Jen


250-272 g Smoked Salmon (1 package Smoked Salmon)
1 par-baked 10 or 12” Pizza Shell
1/4 cup Basil Pesto
1/2 Small Red Onion (sliced thin)
1 Leek (use mostly the white part of leek, sliced and cleaned, then sauteed)
150 g Crumbled Goat Cheese
1-2 Tbsp Capers







  • Preheat oven to 400F.
  • Cut and wash leek. Then, saute leek in a little butter or olive oil (3-4 mins). Season leek with a little salt and pepper. Let cool slightly.
  • Spread pizza shell evenly with pesto to cover the bottom of the shell.
  • Cover pizza with smoked salmon, sauteed leek and sliced red onion. Next, add crumbled goat cheese and sprinkle capers on top.
  • Bake pizza in oven for 10-12 mins.

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