BC Ling Cod

Wed, 04/11/2018
BC Seafood

Ling cod is a fish from the cod family that is found exclusively on the west coast of North America, especially near the coast of British Columbia. Ling cod are characterized by a long, single dorsal fin, a large mouth and teeth, and deep brown to dark green coloring. Mildly flavored, the ling cod is both a good source of protein and low in fat. You can cook ling cod the same as other types of codfish. (livestrong.com)

Our Ling Cod

Our Ling cod is only caught in the waters of British Columbia caught by the Pacific Princess. Pacific Princess is often found fishing off Cape Scott area, just 70 km from Port Hardy. After a successful day of fishing the boat returns to the dock in Port Hardy and are sent to Vancouver immediately. Our ling cod is guaranteed to deliver from Port Hardy to our store within 20 hours.
To support sustainable fishing, all of our ling cods are caught on-the-line.

Cooking your Ling Cod

This fish does well broiled, steamed, poached, baked, or simply pan fry with a little bit of butter. Ling cod should always be cooked thoroughly. It offers a taste and succulence similar to halibut — it cooks up white, sweet and delicious, a great addition to many a meal.