BC Sea Urchin

Tue, 11/01/2016
BC Seafood

Our sea urchins(uni) are source directly from the boat; The Kuroshio.
We mainly sell Red Sea Urchin in our store, occasionally we will have Green Sea Urchin.
Urchin roe is bright yellow with a light and sweet taste and a firm, smooth, dry and paste-like texture. High grade uni is bright yellow and has a firm texture with small and tightly packed eggs. Avoid product that appears dull or discoloured with grainy and loosely packed eggs. Poor quality roe will also appear watery and taste bitter. To prepare a whole sea urchin for use, carefully crack the shell open, scoop out the roe, and rinse and clean it. Urchin roe is popularly served fresh and uncooked as sushi. It is also used in soups, custards and other seafood dishes as a flavour enhancer.