About us

Do you know where your fish comes from? If you bought it from a grocery store, chances are that it was probably caught days ago. In contrast, though, most of the products at Fresh Ideas Start Here are proudly sourced each day from fishermen that I’ve grown up knowing from a young age.

My family has been in the fish processing business since I was a little girl. All fish caught by fishermen must be processed by a federally licensed fish plant before sale or distribution, and boats would drop off their day’s catch at our plant for us to cut, gut, fillet, and/or freeze according to our customers’ orders. Long before Vancouverites developed an appreciation for sustainable regional seafood, I watched the best fish—BC spot prawns, black cod—being shipped overseas for top dollar. That’s when I knew I wanted to grow up and be a fishmonger so that I could sell the seasonal bounty of our local waters here at home.

I realized my childhood dream in 2008 when I opened our first retail location in South Burnaby. Soon afterward, I had the privilege of supplying award-winning chefs such as Scott Jaeger of The Pear Tree Restaurant, David Gunawan of Farmer’s Apprentice, and Quang Dang of West Restaurant. In 2010, I took the next step by launching Sakura Seafood in Richmond, BC to smoke local, sustainable seafood without additives or preservatives. And it was an incredible honour to have Fresh Ideas Start Here named as Producer/Supplier of the Year by the Chef’s Table Society of BC at the 2012 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards. We’re proud to continue our work with the restaurant industry with noteworthy spots that include Maenam, Bishop’s, Boulevard, España, and The Fat Badger.

With a lifetime of seafood knowledge and a love of good food, I thrive on sourcing and selling the finest Ocean Wise seafood caught by Canadian fishermen as well as creating delicious specialty products that make it easy for home cooks to choose seafood in their own kitchens on a daily basis.