Limited edition Mala Numbing Spice Seafood Hot Pot is here! Spice up your favourite seafood hot pot with a kick that's super addictive. For a tailored experience to adjust to your spice level preference, our specially crafted Mala flavour bomb can be added to the wild Pacific Halibut broth at any point during your hot pot session. 

Our Mala Seafood Hot Pot kit includes:

1 Mala Flavour Bomb, our signature hearty halibut bone broth (1kg), sustainably-caught wild BC Halibut Cheeks (227g) and White Spring salmon (140g), Hokkaido scallops (205g), wild Atlantic red prawns (227g), cooked mussels (227g) and cooked clams (227g). 

Mala Flavour Bomb (Chili peppers, Chili flakes, Green & red sichuan peppercorn, Spices, Garlic, Green onion, Ginger, Canola oil, Wine, Lemon grass, Chili bean sauce, Dried shiitake mushroom, sugar)

*All seafood and shellfish in our base kit comes frozen unless otherwise noted*

Please order 48 hours in advance

Suggested Serving:

2-3+ people 

How to enjoy your seafood hot pot:

All frozen items should be thawed completely before cooking. Rinse shellfish, slice fish and set them on plates or serving platters. (optional: add vegetables and mushrooms)

Add Mala flavour bomb into the Halibut broth. Add seafood and allow to simmer till cooked through.

The traditional way is to cook each item as you eat (think fondue).  The broth should be at a medium/full boil to fully cook all food. 

As the broth reduces, the flavor from the seafood further enriches the broth so it is perfectly acceptable to add more hot water when the broth is low. 

Add noodles or rice to the soup at the end for the perfect finale.

 Your order will be packed by one of our seafood experts while wearing gloves and masks for your maximum protection.