The Kanehide Bessaku Sujihiki is a knife that is made for slicing boneless proteins. This blade is made with a Unclassified semi stainless steel meaning care must be taken to keep the blade clean and dry. This blade is double beveled meaning it is sharp on both sides and can be used by both left and right handed individuals.

Brand: Kanehide 兼秀
Producing Area: Seki-Gifu/ Japan
Profile: Sujihiki
Size: 270mm
Steel Type: Semi Stainless Steel
Steel: Mono Unclassified (Semi Stainless Steel)
Handle: Rosewood Western
Total Length: 386mm
Edge Length: 266mm
Handle to Tip Length: 268mm
Blade Height: 38mm
Thickness: 1.9mm
Handle Length: 116mm
Weight: 173g
Hand Orientation: Right-Handed
Hardness: 60±1HRC