Get a free gift with purchase ($100 minimum) in-store and online during Dec 1-10. Follow along our 10 Days of FISHmas for different gifts revealed each day. 

Dec 1: Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon Lox 85g 
Dec 2: Frozen FISH Pot Pie 
Dec 3: Frozen Wild BC Red Spring Salmon Portion 140g
Dec 4: Frozen Classic Salmon Sausage 
Dec 5: Frozen Manhattan Style Seafood Chowder 
Dec 6: FISH Spice Bundle
Dec 7: Oh Buoy! Burger 
Dec 8: Smoked Coho Cakes
Dec 9: Frozen Matsutake Seafood Congee
Dec 10: Frozen Maple Black Cod Candy 200g