Halibut season is finally upon us! While fresh fillets, steaks and cheeks will
be available in store from now until October, you will be pleased to know
we sell whole halibuts, as well. These beautiful, 20+ pound fish are brought
in daily to our Plant on Mitchell Island.

The thought of buying a whole halibut may seem daunting, but we take
care of all the work for you. Whether you are purchasing it for your family,
or splitting it with a few friends, we have a couple different options to suit
your halibut needs. When you order your whole halibut, we will cut it for you
free of charge. You can choose to have it either filleted and skinned, or cut
into nice, meaty steaks (bone-in).

We also offer vacuuming packing services for just $1 per bag. We will pack
the fish to your liking, in portions of your choosing. Vacuum packing your
halibut before freezing is very important in ensuring the quality remains
high. It also greatly extends the amount of time it can remain in your freezer
without getting freezer burn or starting to dry out. Vacuum packed fish can
be stored for well over a year, as opposed to wrapping and freezing fish
which only lasts for a couple months.