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Our limited edition Matsutake Seafood Congee is now available frozen! Featuring the marvelous Matsutake mushroom AKA Pine mushroom, these aromatic wild shrooms are considered a delicacy and are foraged locally in BC. Loaded with chunks of Matsutake and wild BC seafood, it's the perfect comfort meal as fall approaches.

You can enjoy it at home whenever you're craving it - just heat and eat. Nothing tastes better than a comforting bowl of seafood congee on a chilly day (or any day really). 

Cooking Instructions: For a quick defrost, place the sealed package under running cold water until thawed. Add thawed contents into a pot and bring to a boil. Let it cool for 3 minutes and serve.

Ingredients: Premium sushi rice, halibut stock, (celery, onion, fennel, thyme, bay leaf, black peppercorn, salt), matsutake, shellfish, wild salmon, white fish, canola oil, ginger, garlic, kombu, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, wine.

Contains shellfish, fish, soy, alcohol and sesame seed.

Suggested serving size

2 people


Keep frozen.

All our seafood ingredients are sustainable and traceable.
Your order will be packed by one of our seafood experts while wearing gloves and masks for your maximum protection.