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When winter comes around, we know it's time to eat hotpot! Hotpot consists of a comforting soup where a closely-knit group of friends or family cook their favorite ingredients in the broth. 

Kit includes: miso, halibut broth (1kg), wild BC ling cod (140g), wild BC coho salmon portion (140g), wild red shrimp (1/2lb), fresh local oysters (237ml), local gallo mussels(200g), east coast scallops (1/2lb).

Please order 48 hours in advance.  

Serves 2-3 people. 

How to enjoy your seafood hot pot:

All frozen items should be thawed completely before cooking. Rinse shellfish, slice fish and set them on plates or serving platters. (optional: add vegetables and mushrooms)

Season the broth with the miso paste for a bolder flavor. (Whisk miso with a little broth in a small bowl before adding to the pot).

The traditional way is to cook each item as you eat (think fondue).  The broth should be at a medium/full boil to fully cook all food. 

As the broth reduces, the flavor from the seafood further enriches the broth so it is perfectly acceptable to add more hot water when the broth is low. 

Add noodles or rice to the soup at the end for the perfect finale.


Your order will be packed by one of our seafood experts while wearing gloves and masks for your maximum protection.

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