BC Clams

Tue, 11/01/2016
BC Seafood

Our manila clams are sourced directly from Out Landish Shellfish Guild.

Our clams are grown in the pristine waters of the Discovery Islands. These attractive looking clams have a sweet, distinctive flavour that is full and meaty. Manila clams are the sweetest and probably the smallest hard-shell clams you will find in the market, making them the favorite of many professional chefs and homecooks.

From a cooking standpoint, most Manila clams are steamed. You can certainly eat them on the halfshell, but few people do for no real reason: They taste every bit as sweet as the Eastern quahogs we eat on the halfshell, although Manila clams will be less salty.

Manilas are classically used in pasta and soups.

Pair Manilas with some kind of cured pork, such as bacon, pancetta, chorizo or something else that's porky and salty. And if you want to mix them with another seafood, try crabs, Pacific perch or flounder. nila clams in thWhy? All three eat Mae wild, and they share a connection on the plate because of this. (fishcookin.about.com)