BC Oysters

Tue, 11/01/2016
BC Seafood

Our oysters are sourced directly from Out Landish Shellfish Guild.

In the store we carry live Beach oysters, live Beach Gems, and freshly shucked oysters in tubs.

The Out Landish oysters aregrown in the pristine waters of the Discovery Islands.  This is a beach raised/finished oyster which feeds with the ebb and flow of the tides, spending part of its life out of the water, giving it a unique taste. This oyster has a stronger, fuller flavour with a distinct sweet and briny finish perfect for eating raw, fried or baked.

Oyster farms are very beneficial to estuaries by eating the algae, which helps to clear the water. Oysters are considered a keystone species, as they provide a habitat for many small species.

If you are purchasing live oysters, be sure that they have their shells tightly closed. They should feel heavy for their size, like fruit. Avoid any that sound hollow when tapped.