Please note that we've updated our delivery service. We are currently only offering home delivery on selected products, excluding fresh fish and some deli products. Please select store pick up if you are purchasing fresh products. Thank you! 

Where do we deliver?

To check if delivery is available in your area, please refer to the delivery map below or enter your postal code on top of any of the pages on our website. 

Our delivery service includes Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and Richmond.
Postal Codes: 

Delivery fees: 
Free delivery with minimum order of $175 or $30

* Environmental fee of $0.50 included (our environmental fee helps us invest in eco-friendly and sustainable packaging) 


When do we deliver? 
We deliver to the Greater Vancouver area 12-5pm Monday - Friday!

You will be contacted approximately 30 minutes before your delivery is arriving.  Please keep your phone on you during the delivery time. We highly recommend putting away your purchases immediately in the freezer or refrigerate for best quality. 

F.I.S.H orders are available for pickup 7 days a week (exceptions may apply for stat. holidays). Our deadline for next day pickup and deliveries is 3pm the previous day. Some products may have restrictions for pickup or delivery and must be picked up or delivered by a specific date. 

Although we have a specific timeframe for deliveries, please note that they are subjected to traffic conditions of that day. If you have not received your delivery 30 mins after 4pm, you may contact us at and a representative from F.I.S.H will follow up with your order.  


What happens if I miss the delivery?
We will notify you prior to our arrival and attempt to contact you with the best of our efforts. In the event that you are unreachable for the delivery of your product, your order will be transferred to our closest F.I.S.H store for pick up. The deadline to pickup the late order is the next day of the original delivery. If your order includes an item that has a pick up deadline on the same day of delivery, you will have to pick up your order on the same day. Any orders that did not get picked up by the deadline will be nullified. Please note that if an order needs to be re-delivered, a $15 or $30 surcharge will apply.

Can you leave my items at the door?
Your merchandise will not be left at the front door of the address unless specified. Please put it in the notes section before you check out your order. 

How will my items be packed?
Your items will be packed in a freezer bag with gel ice. You may purchase an insulated box for an additional charge. We recommend purchasing this item especially for large orders and if you will not be able to put the items in the freezer for a while after you receive your order. 

Do you deliver on stat holidays?
Deliveries are not available on stat holiday.

If you have additional questions on ordering or refunds, please visit our “How to order” and “Refund Policy” page on our website.