Q: Why do some products have date restrictions on pickup and delivery?

A: For fresh and live products like sea urchin or fresh whole fish, they are best consumed as soon as possible. To maintain freshness, each batch of sea urchins must be sold within 48 hours. 

Q: I want to make an adjustment to my order, what should I do?

A: Please contact us at info@eatfish.ca and we will try to make it happen for you but we cannot guarantee last minute adjustments. 

Q: Do you offer curbside pickup? 

A: Yes! Mention it in the notes section of your order and give our store a call when you arrive and our staff will happily bring out your order for you. 

Q: How come I can’t place my order?
A: Our deadline for next day pick up is 3pm the previous day. Check if you have passed the order deadline and pick the next available date that is convenient for you.

Q: Can I pick up my order earlier than the day/time that I have chosen?
A: Please pick up your order at your designated pick up time as your order may not be ready earlier.

Q: Can I order after the 3pm deadline for next day pickup?
A: We cannot accept orders after the deadline. However, you can still visit our stores to pick up the products if you need them right away!


Please see our Delivery Info page for details.


Q: What are the differences between different salmon?
A: Spring salmon has the highest fat content. Sockeye salmon is famous for their flavourful meat with bright red flesh. Coho salmon has moderate fat content with tender texture. Chum salmon has milder flavour and tastes great with marinades. 

Q: Do you cut frozen fish?
A: Sorry, we do not offer cutting services for frozen fish. But we do offer cutting services for most group buys and whole fish! See their specific product pages for details!


Q: Will you fish for more uni after you run out? How long will you have uni for?
A: Uni season lasts throughout the winter, however, availability depends on what our fishermen catch that day and the weather! Stay tuned on our social media for announcements!

Q: When do you restock your inventory? Can someone notify me when products get restocked?

A: We try to restock our items as soon as we can when they run out! In the meantime, click the “notify when available” button on the product page and enter your email or phone number to receive a notification when the item restocks. You can also follow us on social media to see our updates! 

Thawing and Storage:

Q: What are the thawing instructions for frozen fish and sashimi grade seafood?

A: For frozen fish, place the package into a bowl and defrost by letting cool water run over the package in the sink until the ice is melted. For frozen sashimi grade seafood, transfer the package to the refrigerator and leave it in there for 1-2 hours.   

Q: How long can I keep uni and sashimi in the fridge?
A: We recommend eating them as soon as possible. Live uni should be eaten the day of purchase. Trays and sashimi are good for a few days if stored properly in a sealed container. If you must store live uni, you can place the roe on a paper towel inside a sealed container and enjoy it as soon as you can.