Fresh Halibut Season

Fresh Halibut Season

Adrian Ng

Halibut season is finally upon us! Wild, local and fresh whole fish, fillets, steaks and cheeks will be available in store from now until October. These beautiful 20+ pound fish are brought in daily to our Plant located on Mitchell Island.

The thought of buying a whole halibut may seem daunting, but we take
care of all the work for you. Whether you are purchasing it for your family,
or splitting it with a few friends, we have a couple of different options to suit
your halibut needs. When you order your whole halibut, we offer free cutting services. You can choose between fillet and skinned or bone in steaks.

We also offer vacuum packing services for just $1 per bag. Vacuum packing your halibut before freezing is very important to preserve freshness.

Take a second and check our our options for whole halibut