**For in-store purchase, please contact our stores 6044319392 for availability. We recommend preordering online to guarantee availability. 

Reserve your live green sea urchin now! Available for a limited time only. Please note your order must be picked up at the Burnaby store. 

For $18 you get 3 live green uni. So two orders will be 6 uni, and 3 orders will be 9...and so on.

Pro tip: bring a bucket or cooler to ensure a safe and leak free travel in the car.  

Green uni is sweeter with a delicate finish compare to red sea urchin. They are very similar to Hokkaido uni, so if you are a Japanese uni lover, you've gotta give our local green sea urchin a try.

Please note that this item is subjected to availability. Order by 3pm for next day pick up. 

All our products are sustainable and traceable.