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Shucked green sea urchins (uni) trays live up to the hype! With sweet, small, delicate roes, this type of urchin is the most similar uni to Hokkaido uni. They have a lighter, more decadent flavor than their red counterparts and are revered among both beginners and experienced uni eaters.

Uni availability depends on the weather and what our fishermen catch, so get them while you can! 

Cooking tips: 
Eat it as is, on a bed of short-grain rice or wrap it with nori. You can also use it to make uni sushi (gunkanmaki). Pair it with our Shio Ikura or Shoyu Ikura for an extra depth of flavor. 

While supplies last.

Uni roes are shucked by hand and may contain traces of small spines and shells on rare occasions. 

All of our products are sustainable and traceable.
Your order will be packed by one of our seafood experts while wearing gloves and masks for your maximum protection.


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