Indulge with the finest for the special occasions! Our Caviar Kit pairs perfectly with your favorite bubbles. Comes with all the essentials for an elegant celebratory feast, so you can just sit back and indulge!

Choose from our premium selection of caviar:

Kit includes: 1 tin of caviar, crème fraîche, diced egg white, diced egg yolk, blini, green onions, smoked wild salmon lox and 1 Mother of Pearl spoon.

Kaluga Queen Caviar
This Caviar selected by Chef Roger Ma comes from Kaluga Queen, the largest producer of caviar in the world.

  • Classic Ossetra Sturgeon Caviar has a complex flavor profile that consists of aromatic yet mild flavors with a creamy, distinct nutty finish. Lightly salted using the traditional Russian "Malossol" method.
  • Premium Kaluga Caviar has a more concentrated and complex oceanic and umami-rich flavor, with large firm roes. 

Quintessence Lake St Pierre Caviar
An exclusive product to Quebec, the Lake St Pierre Caviar originates from the wild lake sturgeon, AKA yellow sturgeon. Harvested from the wild and following Canadian environmental guidelines and quotas. The pearls are medium sized and vary in colour from dark green to black.

Northern Divine Caviar
Recognized as sustainable by Ocean Wise, Northern Divine Caviar is certified organic and produced from land based farmed Sturgeons using pristine, cold, fresh mountain water with no antibiotics or added hormones in Sechelt, BC. Tastes buttery, nutty with a fresh ocean flavour and touch of salt.

Serves 2-4 people. 

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